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I started Earn Your Worth Careers because I am so passionate about helping women accomplish their career goals. I see the challenges women experience in corporate life, and I wanted to share some of the secrets we've learned in our work in helping thousands of women in finding meaningful work and accelerating their careers.

Earn Your Worth Careers is the consumer division of IMPACT Group. We are a coaching company, and our mission is to make a positive impact on the lives we touch, one relationship at a time. As a second generation woman-owned business, I feel we play an important role in helping women break barriers in the world, and in their own careers. Much of our work in the leadership development space is specifically focused on helping companies build diverse leadership pipelines, particularly related to gender diversity.

We focus on the careers of women at Earn Your Worth Careers, because we have unique needs. All of our coaches are experts in coaching women along their leadership journey as well career strategies for job search. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey!

Lauren Herring
Founder and CEO

Lauren Herring is Founder of Earn Your Worth Careers and CEO of IMPACT Group, the largest woman-owned career coaching company supporting over 200 Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Over the past 30 years, IMPACT Group has successfully helped hundreds of thousands of people in their career journey, and this success prompted Lauren to start Earn Your Worth Careers, dedicated to helping women  earn their worth while doing work they love.


Lauren has donated career services to thousands of individuals in underserved communities, helping them to find jobs, dignity and economic independence. She has received the Game Changer Award by Workforce Magazine and has been published or quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Fast Company.


Lauren’s passion for making a positive impact led her to write Take Control of Your Job Search! as well as her previous book, This Side Up!  When not running her business, Lauren can be found running the streets of St. Louis while training for a triathlon or spending time with her husband, Ted, and two young children.



*This is a representative selection of our coaches


*This is a representative selection of our coaches

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